Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Decor

It dawned on me that I never posted pics of our house decorated for Xmas...Here's some pics that I had managed to take while the decorations were still up. (Usually I take them down after New Years but I was off of work this week and feeling really ambitious and motivated)

I made this x-mas tree. I took three wire hangers and formed them into triangles, taped them together, and wrapped lights around it...I was very proud of myself for being so creative and crafty--a trait that is usually not indicative of me! I'm a little sad though, the pictures really don't do it any justice--it really looked nice...

Another lil project of mine. I had bought a 60 pack of ornaments from Home Depot for $7 on sale...I didn't know what to do w/ them so I made this tree w/ some of the ornaments...

A new edition to our mantle this year; a dog stocking!

Ahh, and finally the tree!
What a great Christmas! Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!!!


Jenny said...

Wow! That's a bunch of gifts. You are crafty. The only thing I make is my bed. And babies.

Kismet said...

Thanks Jen! Loved the little tour.
How did you do the ornament display? How did you get the balls to stay still?
The hangar tree is awesome and I may steal the idea!


Happy New Year.


DotBlogger said...


Christine said...

Hey Jen!!
We love all your ornamentations down here in Pennsylvania!! I thought you said you weren't crafty!!! Puts my little ND ornaments to SHAME!! Ha ha!!
Love ya! See you Saturday!!

xoxoxo Aunt Chris
ps will we meet Molly???

East<3West said...

AK--the tree is all held together by the greatest invention known to man; hot glue! :)

AC--I LOVE your ND ornaments! And believe me, I'm usually not that crafty--I certainly missed out on that Jones gene :) LOL

SuperDave said...

Those are way cute! Do something for Valentines Day!