Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Birthday Boy's Big Night

I wish I had more pictures of Trav's 30th, I'm hoping Bob will send some more...but either way, these are the pics that we did take...

No better way than to have all the brothers take shots! :)

Pre-gaming before a night @ the casino! Chclsea's Dad and Grandma came along with Trav's buddies...

Me preparing drinks for the B-day boy and his friends!!

(Caroline--this pics for you...I'll call you) LOL


A ring that was Trav's Grandfathers and had been in the family for years. Trav's mom was super excited to give it to him and Travis was just as touched and emotional to receive it! (It looks great on him)!!

The "Boat House"

We didn't realize it until a couple days after we got there, but we're thinking it's called the boat
house because of this awesome rock mosiac wall in the living room...Do you see the boat?!?

Here's the view from the living room--right across from the beach..

One of the few nice days we had where the sun was shining all day long...

A view @ sunset....3 out of the 4 days we had a great pacific NW sunset :)

And, no matter what house Travis and I find oursevles in, the kitchen is always one of our favorite rooms :)