Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Neat Picture

So, we left work around 4pm today because it started to snow. By the time we got home, the snow had started to stick to this berry tree in front of our condo. The snow looked so pretty that I decided to take a picture. Here's the pic....The amazing thing about this picture, is that it looks like it has been taking at night with stars in the sky!!! Not the case, those white specs are snow flakes and this picture was actually taken when the sunlight was still out. It's so weird how the flash made the background look like it was night time...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Addition....(s)....

So, there is this pet store about 2 minutes from our condo. Every now and then Travis and I go there just to "browse". Last time we were there, about two months ago--they had a couple cute cute bunnies. I mentioned to Travis how I'd love to have one for some company when he travels. His response, "absolutely not, they smell", I let it go. Well, the night before V-day Travis went out for while and Shannon and I stayed home...He got home and about ten minutes later, asked me to go into the kitchen. As I got up, I noticed the front door was wide open so I went to shut it and saw....about 6 v-day balloons attached to a cage with an adorable gray bunny in it!!!! I was (and shannon) completely shocked! She's adorable; Travis is adorable (and great) here's a few pics

So, we decided to name her Ginger! We bought a litter box and all kinds of toys. Today, as she's poking around our house Travis and I start wondering if she'll get lonely. After all, she'd run around the house jumping and skipping all by herself. So, I decide to go out just to look at other bunnies. Well, it only took about 30 minutes and....
Yes, two cages!

Yes, two bunnies!

So, in conclusion. We now have two bunnies.
**Oh, did I mention--the one Trav got for me is already using the litter box--yes, you can train bunnies!!! **
I have more pictures coming..

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Best Bond Ever

So, as you all know Shannon has spent the past week out here in CT. It has been absolutely fantastic! It has been such an amazing week of bonding with eachother and just plain old having a good time. On the first night, Travis and Shannon really had a good heart-to-heart. They made a fire, and sat for about 30 minutes in front of it just reminiscing of old times and talking about the future ahead of them (us, the family). I tried to play "paparazzi" and spy to cetch some candids--here's some of them.... The pictures do not do this moment as much justice though as a video would've....I had a tear in my eye watching them; they were just adorable, adorable, adorable!!! I only hope that every son has the love for his mother as Travis has for his and vice versa. It's beatiful....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet Jen's Dad

He is a happy man!! As you can see from this picture with his daughters!!!!

Or here with his wife!!!!

And here he is with Jen's sister's boyfriend Josh!!!

Oh wait......look at his face when Trav is in the picture....should I be worried?!?!?!
Just kidding Bob!! I just had to do something with this picture!!!!